Rupture goes to Black Hat Asia 2016

In Black Hat Asia 2016 in Singapore, we presented Rupture for the first time in public. The tool and techniques were well-received by the audience and there were several in-depth technical follow-up questions, illustrating good understanding and inquisitiveness by the participants. We were happy to have one of the original BREACH authors, Angelo Prado, in our audience as well.

We have made our talk slides available under a Creative Commons license. The 1-hour video of our Black Hat presentation has also been published on the official Black Hat YouTube channel. If you just want to take a look at the demo, we have uploaded a screencast of rupture in use. Our Black Hat implementation whitepaper is now also available, where you can read about many of the technical details of our work.

We were also happy to talk to many members of the press. Darren Pauli published a piece on The Register after meeting with us in Singapore. Lucian Constantin published an exceptional PCWorld article, clarifying many of the technical details of our presentation. There was also an article on Karspersky's ThreatPost and Tal Be'ery, the author of TIME tweeted about our presentation.

As part of our continued effort to make our research more open, we finished our Black Hat presentation by revealing Rupture and open sourcing the tool. Even though we have been working on BREACH-related tools on and off for several years now, this is the first time we put out a tool for the world to use in the open. We're excited about making Rupture an open source tool and are looking forward to embracing the community's support and improvements.